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We're still reeling from the life-altering news that Teen Mom's resident porn star, Farrah Abraham, is launching a new line of sex toys with Topco. And not just any line of sex toys — a line of sex toys modeled after her own lady parts. Because who doesn't want to buy a life-sized replica of Farrah's danger zone?

We're so happy for Farrah's newest business venture (this is almost as exciting as her spicy pasta sauce!), but sometimes it's as if girlfriend forgets that she has parents. Parents who are likely emotionally traumatized and spending thousands of dollars every week on therapy.

Credit: Twitter

Wait, scratch that. Turns out Farrah's dad, Michael Abraham, is totally on board with her personalized sex toys. In fact, he might even be inspired to make his own custom line of pleasure playthings.

"My daughter Farrah is funny and a progressive business women, I wonder if Topco will make a 'Michael' Adult Toy," he mused on Facebook. "Stay tuned."

Nope. Nope, nope, nope. We will definitely not be staying tuned, Michael. Mostly because we still use our eyes, and would prefer not to go blind.

So, what does Michael have to say to everyone wondering why he's comfortable with Farrah's newest venture?

"Yes I'm her father and yes I wish at times she would do other things," he admits, "but the girl works hard to provide for Sophia...."

There's no doubt about that! We're sure Sophia will be forever grateful to her mom for bringing home so much bacon, but is this really the best line of work for Farrah to be in? Whatever happened to her sober donut eatery, guys?

Source: Facebook