Credit: Instagram

Aubree Houska is the most stylish 4-year-old in Teen Mom Land, and it's all thanks to her momma, Chelsea. Since popping out a kiddo, this starlet has transformed from a sweatpants-loving moth into a beautiful butterfly, and Aubs has definitely inherited her sophisticated sense of style. Not only is this little one an amazing dresser (skinny jeans? Check! Leopard print? Check!), she's taken after her mom when it comes to being crazy-obsessed with makeup!

Credit: Twitter

Chelsea is a professional cosmetologist, and it looks like her love for lipliner and glitter has rubbed off on Aubree. Though this little lady is way too young to be wearing makeup, she's learned a few tricks of the trade from her momma — like how to affix giant fake eyelashes to her eyelids, for example.

Check out this beyond adorable photo of Aubree rocking her mom's falsies. She looks so pretty, not to mention straight out of Toddlers and Tiaras. All she needs is a set of fake teeth and some spray tan, and she's good to go!

While we don't anticipate Aubree wearing false eyelashes on a daily basis, there's no denying that she looks completely cute. Maybe she can dress up as her mom for Halloween and rock these bad boys in exchange for some candy?