Credit: Instagram Photo: Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers on March 25, 2013

Oh, Courtland Rogers. It seems like just yesterday that this Teen Mom 2 dude sprung himself from the Brunswick County Jail after being arrested for heroin possession back in April, and now he's leaving us again. Yep, Courty is going back to the mother ship, a terrifying place where scabies roam free.

Credit: Splash News Photo: Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Arrested on April 23, 2013

So, why is Courtland returning to the heaving bosom of Brunswick County Jail? Because unfortunately he fell off the wagon after a streak of sobriety. Courtland came clean about his relapse via Twitter (note to Courty: Police know how to use computers), and hoped the drugs would be out of his system by the time he had to take a urine test. Sadly, not so much.

Courtland turned himself into jail on October 13, heading online to say bye-bye-bye to his followers one last time.

"I'm turning myself in right now I will always love y'all I'm so sorry," he tweeted. "You can write me at PO BOX 9 Bolivia NC 28422 If u want to."

Courtland also said adieu to his latest girlfriend, Samantha Ferrell, tweeting "Take care of yourself … You know I love u like crazy!! Stay strong baby."

We'll miss you, Courty B! Here's to hoping this dude gets out of the slammer before too long. There's no doubt that our Twitter feed will be sorely lacking without his daily musings on love, life, and feels.