Good news, pregnant ladies of Pennsylvania. You can now wander the streets without living in fear that a random townie will come up to you and touch your baby bump. The state has implemented a new law that makes it illegal to touch the belly of a pregnant woman without her express permission, which means Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry can safely go back to her hometown without feeling like she's in a petting zoo.

This unusual law came about thanks to a man facing harassment charges for touching a woman's stomach without her permission — which is definitely a "no-no." ABC reported on the case, and didn't elaborate on whether the man knew the pregnant lady in question, or whether he was a complete stranger. Either way, she wasn't thrilled to have him patting her bump.

Sure, we get the temptation to reach out in the hopes of feeling a little one kick, but it's never OK to put your mitts on someone's body without asking first –– whether or not they're pregnant!

Do you think it should be illegal to touch a pregnant woman's stomach without permission, or is this law taking things too far? Let us know what you think in the comments, ladies with babies! If you're in favor of this renegade new legislation, now might be the time to lobby for a similar law in your home state.

Source: ABC