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Jenelle Evans doesn't always have the most positive things to say about OG Teen Mom Farrah Abraham (you know, what with her foray into the world of porn), but she's all about Farrah's newest love connection. In case you missed the groundbreaking news, Farrah has been secretly dating Orlando-based DJ Brian Dawe for the past five months, and Jenelley took it to Sulia to offer her two cents on the happy couple.

And she remained super confused while doing so.

"According to Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, she has been seeing a guy named Brian for 5 MONTHS NOW!!!" Jenelle posted. "She never wanted any privacy before. Why start now? And does baby Sophia like this new boyfriend of mommy Farrah? I dont know looks like we shall see soon enough :) Best wishes to the 3 of you." 

Credit: MTV Photo: Daniel and Farrah Go to Austin in Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 10

Jenelle's message is pretty positive, but the problem? She posted a photo of Farrah with her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Alvarez. You know, the tragic soul who Farrah ensnared in her web of sexiness back in 2012? Sigh, we'll never forget about their Paddle Boat Ride From Hell  — aka that one really awkward time Farrah tried to get Daniel to propose while wearing a giant puffy life vest. Memories!

Anyway, Daniel and Farrah most definitely aren't dating (Daniel even told Wetpaint Entertainment that "dating Farrah again has and will never cross my mind"), but we understand why Jenelle might be confused. Daniel is a major catch, so it's no wonder Jenelle assumed he and Farrah were back together.

His eyelashes, guys! They flutter their way to our hearts on a daily basis.

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