Credit: Instagram

There's no doubt that Ryan Edwards is Teen Mom's hunkiest baby daddy (other than Gary Shirley, obviously), and the girls just can't get enough. And by "the girls" we definitely mean the girls on the Internet, aka yours truly. This heartbreaker is never without a gal pal on his arm, but he was single for a surprisingly long amount of time after breaking up with his long term girlfriend, Hooters waitress Dalis Connell. Luckily, Ryan has once again found love in a hopeless, backwoods place — this time with a gorgeous broad named Shelby Woods!

Ryan and Shelby have only been dating for a few months, but he's already head-over-kicks in love! "When you find someone that you really love it changes how you look at [life]," Ryan tweeted to Shelby on October 31.

Our hearts = melted. Sure, we're slightly traumatized that Ryan has yet to realize that we are his destiny, but there's no denying that his relationship with Shelby is adorable. And considering that Ryan and Maci Bookout are still getting along well (they co-hosted Bentley's birthday party this year!), we're thinking Teen Mom's resident ginger approves of Shelby dating her baby daddy.

By the way, Shelby's twitter feed is basically devoted to her crush on Ryan, and also includes several amazing pictures — like this one of Ryan shirtless and eye-sexing the camera while wearing a jaunty scarf.

Bless his heart, we love him so much.