Credit: Instagram

Ryan Edwards has only been off the market for a few months, but he's already getting super serious with his girlfriend, Shelby Woods! This dude has taken to dropping the L-word on Shelby all over the internets, and now he's taken it up a kinda-sorta-maybe asking her to marry him. Because there's nothing more romantic than a Twitter proposal, right?


Ryan and Shelby's sweet tweet-a-thon went down after Shelby jokingly wrote "Marry her" in response to one of his tweets, which prompted him to reply "marry you?" and her to shoot back with "duhhhhh lova!"

Not exactly Shakespeare, but still pretty adorable for a Twitter proposal. And speaking of Twitter proposals, this isn't Ryan's first time around the block. This heartbreaker popped the question to his baby mama, Maci Bookout, last year (she said no), so clearly he has a thing for making giant life decisions in public forums.

With that in mind, we'd like to issue the following PSA to Ryan: it's called a ring. How is Shelby ever going to triumphantly shout "he went to Jared!" if you don't buy her one?

Do you think wedding bells are in Ryan's future? Weigh in below and tell us how you feel about his proposal!