Credit: Instagram

Teen Mom makeover alert, y'all! No, Chelsea Houska hasn't dip-dyed her hair in a bucket of Skittles, and no, Amber Portwood hasn't been spraying her locks of love with melted Jolly Ranchers again. But even better? Teen Mom 2's resident heartbreaker, Adam Lind (aka Chelsea's baby daddy), has transformed from a beautiful, bearded stud with hair, into a beautiful, bearded stud who's completely bald.

Credit: Twitter

We'll give you a moment to let this alarming information sink in.

Please feast your eyes on Exhibit A, a picture of Adam snuggling with his new baby, Paislee Mae. You might notice that he has a full head of hair atop his scalp, but that said hair is definitely thinning. Now please but on some protective eye wear and feast your eyes on Exhibit B, another picture of Adam snuggling with Paislee, only this time he's completely bald. Well, not completely.

For reasons that remain a sinister mystery, Adam decided not to shave his facial hair — which means his entire face is basically reversed. It's like all the hair that used to be on his head crawled down a few inches and just decided to live on his chin.

And speaking of chins, the faint memory of Adam's chintee from ye olden days is looking pretty good right about now….

What do you think of Adam's baldness? Hot or OMG WTF?