Sad news in the wonderful world of Teen Mom! It appears as though our favorite organic farmer, Gary Shirley (aka Amber Portwood's baby daddy), has broken things off with his girlfriend — a mysterious gal whose identity was never revealed to Gary's legions of fans.

But that's not all! In a series of tweets about their breakup (which have since been deleted), Gary made a startling revelation. Turns out he and his girlfriend were pseudo-engaged at the time of their split. Yep, Gary gifted this special lady a promise ring as a token of his commitment. Aaand we're crying.

"Promise ring baby to my Girlfriend 1 ct," Gary tweeted along with a pic of the bling. "This is an engagement ring, but I bought it as a promise."

So, why did Gary and his home girl call it quits? It appears as though Gary found out that she'd been cheating on him and he broke up with her shortly after. Poor dude! We feel terrible that Gary was played by some mere mortal unworthy of his bountiful watermelons, but who knows? Maybe this is the perfect chance for him to get back together with Amber!

Do you think Gary and Amber will reunite in the wake of his breakup? Hit the comments!