File this one under “miracles really do happen.” Twenty-three years ago, Luo Gang was abducted and taken far away. Now, he’s finally been united with his family, and it feels so good!

According to BBC News, Luo was attending kindergarten in Yaojia Village in the Sichuan Province of China when a man and woman approached him. Luo told the BBC that the couple said they were friends of his parents. They insisted the young boy come with them, and the confused young boy went along.

The couple took Luo over 900 miles away to a town called Sanming, where it’s believed he was sold to another family. He was made to assume a new identity and be part of a new family, including a sister. Luo explains, “I was very afraid, but I had been abducted and I had no choice."

Although he thought the situation would be temporary, he eventually realized there would be no escaping, so he made the best of his new life, where his parents treated him well. Still, Luo says he always had his birth family in mind. "I was like a computer," he said, adding, "I tried to keep my memories of family."

Luo’s “parents” died two years after abducting him and he was raised by grandparents after that. Nobody ever explained why he was taken, but sadly, thousands of children are abducted every year in China, and it’s very rare for any of them to ever make it back home, but the 27-year old Luo was determined to reconnect with his birth family.

After registering on several websites that attempt to reunite abducted family members with their birth parents, Luo finally got results with a site called Baby Come Home. He listed every detail that he could remember about his former life, including a hand-drawn map of his hometown. Miraculously, using these clues volunteers were able to help Luo narrow down towns, finally settling on Yaojia Village.

When Luo finally located his birth parents and flew there to be reunited with them, the whole village turned out to watch the meeting. He visited his old home and was fed noodles by his birth mother. He did return to his adoptive grandparents, however, and says that both families are important to him. Luo promised his fiance that he would marry her after his quest to find his birth parents was complete. Both families are invited to next year’s wedding.

Source: BBC News