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Most women gain upwards of 30 pounds during pregnancy (and have about 15-20 pounds to lose once they've popped out their baby), but Caroline Berg Eriksen isn't most women. Caroline, who's the wife of a Norwegian soccer player, has stirred huge controversy by posting a revealing selfie of her toned post-baby body just four days after giving birth to her daughter. Sounds pretty harmless right? Not so much.

Caroline has received backlash over the photo from fellow moms who think she's putting even more pressure on women to lose their baby weight. Most ladies could never dream of having a perfectly flat stomach so soon after pregnancy, and it's true that Caroline's picture could make some women feel depressed about their own physique. At the same time, Caroline should be proud of her body no matter what her shape or size, and if she wants to post a sexy selfie to Instagram, more power to her!

"I let out the picture because I’m proud of myself and my body for something as tough as a pregnancy/birth, and I think all mothers, regardless of the body shall be,” Caroline said in her defense.

Are you offended by Caroline's picture, or do you think she should be allowed to show off without people judging her? Sound off below!

Source: The Blaze