It’s not often that you can say that your holiday gift was so rare, the odds of getting it are one in a million, but for one joyous couple, it’s totally true!

According to the Sacramento Bee, Hannah and Tom Hepner, of Quincy, California recently delivered three identical girls at Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento. Doctors say that the chances of identical triplets happening naturally, without medical intervention — which was the case for the Hepners — are statistically staggering. One in a million, in fact.

The Medical Director of Sutter Women’s Services, Dr. William Gilbert, told the Bee, “Identical triplets are anywhere from one-in-a-million and one-in-a hundred million. It is so rare that it is hard to calculate how frequently they occur.”

Brin, Abby, and Laurel Harper were born completely healthy on November 22, each weighing in at three or four pounds. According to Dr. Gilbert, these are healthy weights for triplets at term. The little bundles of joy are currently being monitored in the NICU, but will get to go home with their parents as soon as they are healthy enough to travel.

The proud (and wise) papa Tom Hepner gave all the credit for the trouble-free pregnancy and birth to his wife Hannah, calling her a “remarkable woman.” Well said, Tom. Now we suggest you get some rest so you’re ready for all those nighttime feedings!

Source: Sacramento Bee