Credit: Twitter

You guys. You guys. Santa Claus has graced us with an early Christmas gift: Kieffer Delp's release from jail! Yes, you read that right. The surly swamp-dweller who used to date Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has busted out of the Brunswick County Jail, where he's been chillin like a villain since October 31 — aka the spookiest night of the year.

Kieffer was hauled to jail thanks to charges stemming from an incident on October 23, 2012, when he was arrested for allegedly breaking into the home of Jenelle's mom, Barbara Evans. Apparently, Kieffer rather violently entered Babs' house in Leland, North Carolina, and damaged the doors and doorframes while doing so. He was held on a $3,600 bond for the incident, and it looks like he finally made bail on December 9!

"Guess whos back muh f—aas the bull k bout to spit raw," Kieffer tweeted rather unintelligibly. "We da realist alive free trikkz crook wolf n reggie 117otwhome #gohard."

Sigh, we've missed his poetic musings so much. And speaking of poetic musings, Kieffer is blessing us with some sick rhymes now that he's out of the slammer. Head over here to check out his entire NSFW acapella rap (F-bombs galore, people), and feel free to whet your appetite with our favorite lyric: "Tough guys with no straps get rolled back like the prices at Walmart."

Glorious. We're so #blessed to have Kieffer back in our lives.

Source: YouTube