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Can you believe that Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry's baby is already 3 weeks old? This sweet bundle of joy is melting our cold hearts, and we haven't even seen him in action on the small screen yet! Not only has Baby Lincoln's arrival into this whacky world made our ovaries go into overdrive, he's given Teen Mom fans one more reason to fall in love with Kailyn's husband, Javi Marroquin.

Credit: Instagram

This airman has always been a great father figure to Kailyn's son, Isaac (whose dad is Teen Mom 2's Jo Rivera), but Javi's morphed into the World's Best Pop now that he has a son of his own. This dude helps Kailyn out in any way he can, spends tons of time taking care of Lincoln, and loves nothing more than bonding with the pouty-lipped bambino in his life.

Check out this ridiculously cute photo of Javi cuddling Linc, which he captioned "father son bonding." Our emotions! We need to immediately eat our feelings in the form of a giant double stuffed crust pizza.

Clearly, Javi is a super hands-on parent, and he even shared a photo of himself pushing Linc around in his stroller! Sigh, best dad ever. Lincoln and Isaac are so lucky to have this handsome fella as a role model in their lives!

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Source: Instagram