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It’s not that unusual for a mom to check in with a plastic surgeon about getting some work done, but a recent Yahoo Shine story reports that it’s now not uncommon for mothers to do so for their children, with some as young as age six.

When her kindergarten-aged daughter Olivia was experiencing excruciating bullying from children in her ballet class, Stephanie Smith contacted Dr. Joe Niamtu and his practice “Love That Face.” The reason? When Olivia wore her hair in a bun — as required by the class — the other students would point and laugh at her, making fun of the way the 6-year-old’s ears stuck out.

“I'm so scared about my daughter starting school in September,” Smith wrote. “Some of the bullies she encountered at her ballet class will be there too. I won't be there to protect her. I just fear the emotional scars that this is going to cause."

Although Stephanie didn’t have the insurance necessary to cover the pricey surgery, in order to help Olivia escape the bullying over her ears, Dr. Niamtu performed the surgery pro bono, which he told Yahoo Shine he does about 25 percent of the time. “No one deserves to be made fun of for physical attributes they can't control," the doctor explained.

The American Academy of Plastic Surgeons reports that cosmetic procedures in children have increased 30 percent in the last decade. They say this is due to the increase in overall awareness of cosmetic surgery, as well as parents’ fear of bullying. The most common procedures are mole and birthmark removals.

While we know that bullies can be horrible, turning to surgery at such a young age seems a bit extreme. Is it possible the rest of Olivia’s face just needed to catch up to her ears? She’s not even done growing yet. Her mom is convinced she did the right thing and Olivia is now back in ballet class.

What do you think moms — did this mom do the right thing, or did she go too far? Tell us down below.

Source: Yahoo Shine!