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A mother in Chattanooga, Tennessee is outraged and demanding action from her local school board. She filed a lawsuit recently in which she alleges a nurse at her daughter’s school repeatedly strip-searched her 5-year-old-daughter.

According to local TV news affiliate WRCB 3, the lawsuit was filed by Brandy Madden. The angry mom told WRCB that her child was made to disrobe so the nurse could check her body for lesions. Brandy’s daughter was recently diagnosed her with congenital herpes, but Brandy says the child had already been treated by a doctor, ruled not contagious, and given permission to return to school.

It wasn't until her daughter told her that the nurse had repeatedly asked her daughter to remove her clothing that Brandy was made aware of the situation. The school has a different story, however. A spokesperson from Hamilton Schools told WRCB that the child was in the nurse’s care because of her inability to use the toilet by herself, and that the nurse was merely helping her with that task.

The Hamilton County Board of Education said, “...any routine examination that school officials may have conducted during the course of routine diaper changing would not have violated any clearly established rights of the child."

Brandy Madden is suing the Hamilton County School District for all of her daughter’s past and future medical expenses, as well as “emotional distress.”

Source: WRCB 3 Chattanooga