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Time to pour a juice box out for Bentley Bookout, y'all. This backwoods bro-in-the-making suffered a minor injury this past week after getting into a physical altercation with a playground, and his mom, Maci Bookout, is worried. Turns out Benny From the Block bust his lip open, and now it's even more swollen than Kim Kardashian's kissers during pregnancy. Poor little dude!

Credit: Instagram

"Well my baby's gotta busted lip from recess today..." Maci posted to Instagram along with a photo of her kiddo pouting at the camera. "Lookin like a bad ass at wrestling practice tho my poor boy #toughguy."

Luckily, Bentley is a trooper and we're sure he'll bounce back without a problem. Plus, he has plenty of practice getting over minor injuries. Need we remind you of the fact that this boy rides a dirt bike professionally? That busted lip ain't no thang compared to what can happen on those sinister dirt roads!

Bentley should probably get used to split lips considering that his new hobby is youth wrestling, but that being said, if another child even touches a hair on this kid's perfect head they're going to get a strongly worded letter of complaint from us.

Feel better, Bentley!

Source: Instagram