Credit: Instagram

Teen Mom's resident lovebirds, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell, are gearing up for their return to MTV, by which we mean Tyler's been doing lots of sit-ups. Clearly this man-babe wants to look drop-dead dashing for his legions of fangirls, and it appears as though he's taken to trolling around the house shirtless in order to better show off his abs. And his underwear, if we're honest.

Credit: Instagram

Please grab some smelling salts and feast your eyes on this half-naked photo of Tyler in all his glory! Sigh, where do we even begin? Not only is Tyler's four pack slowly morphing into a six pack (you can do it, friend!), he's chosen to wear an unzipped mock-turtleneck sweater to complete his sexy new look.

How sensual … very Ross from Friends.

That's the good news. The bad news is that Tyler has taken to sagging his pants, and we fear that our retinas will never recover from seeing so much of his danger zone. Luckily, we can self-medicate our eyeballs simply by gazing at Tyler's beautiful cluster of chin-hair, which is pretty much a holiday miracle. Who else thinks he should grow that thing out and braid it into a Butch Baltierra-style reverse-mullet? Exactly.

What do you think of Tyler's rock-hard abs? Feel free to swoon in the comments.

Source: Instagram