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It’s a crazy time of year, when one person’s holiday cheer can be misconstrued by another as sexual assault.

According WGCL-TV Atlanta, Sam McNair, a senior at Duluth High School in Duluth, Georgia, claims that he just wanted to spread some holiday joy and “cheer his teacher up” by giving her a festive hug. Sam’s teacher saw things a bit differently, to say the least, and Sam has been accused of sexual misconduct and given a one-year suspension by school officials.

School surveillance footage shows Sam coming up behind his teacher and embracing her. It then looks like he leaned in for what might have been a kiss, which is what his teacher claimed. Both Sam and his mother, April McNair, deny anything other than a casual hug took place.

April says she was “dumbfounded” when she found out about the accusations against her son and the school’s punishment. She claims that they’ve always been a family of huggers, and that the situation was completely misread. April says the school’s overreaction will affect Sam’s future negatively, they were hoping for full academic scholarships in football and lacrosse, which he is now no longer eligible for.

Sam’s teacher claims that she had already informed him not to hug her, but the McNair’s deny this. April McNair plans to appeal the school’s decision.

What do you think? Was this a majorly creepy move, or a simple misunderstanding?

Source: WGCL TV Atlanta