Credit: Instagram

It's been just over a month since Kailyn Lowry popped out her baby (welcome to the wonderful world of reality television, Lincoln!), and this Teen Mom 2 star is already up to her old tricks. By which we mean wandering around tattoo parlors and inking festive skulls all over her body, naturally.

Credit: Instagram

Kailyn is a huge fan of body art, and she recently made a pilgrimage to The Mother Ship (aka Sick Ink Studios) to work on her sleeve! This gal has made no bones about the fact that she wants to cover both arms in ink, and her newest tattoo is something else. Behold, a vaguely graphic photo of a human heart strapped to a time bomb! Because Kailyn's heart is about to explode from how much she loves her family? Because she's a huge fan of anatomy? Because she's the bomb dot com? Who knows, but we love it.

Of course, this is just one of Kailyn's many tattoos. She also has a small red heart and an infinity sign on her wrists, a puzzle piece on her arm (which she's in the process of removing), a quote on her back that reads “To the world you are one person, but to one person, you are the world,” a small mermaid on her arm, a dream catcher on her upper thigh, a full back tat of "paradise" that she's re-working, and a half sleeve with skills, roses and butterflies.

Oh, and apparently she wants to get a full portrait of her rottweiler, which we assume will be just like Amber Portwood's stomach portrait of her daughter, only a furry canine.

In other news, you might be wondering why Kailyn chose to get tattooed while breast feeding. While some doctors don't recommend inking up your skin during this fragile time, others say it's safe as long as you go to a parlor that's 100 percent reputable. Kailyn's gotten all her tattoos done by Sick Ink Studios, so clearly she trusts them!

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