Do you have people in your life who become really festive around the holidays? They go crazy with the reindeers that move, the wreath that lights up, the fake snow, maybe they go nuts and even get more than one tree? Well, a woman in Maryland has them all beat, because around the holidays she cranks up the cheer to 11 by decorating her home with almost 300 trees. Yep, you read that right.

According to Fox 5 News, Ranetta Zanco, a Lothian, Maryland resident, just loves Christmas. She might even love it a little too much. What started as a friendly competition between Ranetta and her sister, who lives in Oklahoma, has gone a little bit off the rails. The competition has been raging for almost 20 years now, and Ranetta now has 277 trees inside her home to show for it, including 28 just in her bathroom!

About the sibling rivalry, Ranetta explains that it started out just for fun, “Each year, she would call me up and say, 'How many trees did you put up?’ And then, of course, I would have to outdo her,” explains Zanco. “So I would call her back and say I've got two more than you did. Then she would call me back the next year [and say], ‘Well, I’ve got five more’ and it started out like that.”

Ranetta says she has handily beat her sister, which technically makes her the declared “winner” of Christmas, but she does admit that all this merriment has it’s drawbacks. It takes many 10-hour days leading up to the holiday to put the trees in place, and about a month to take them all down.

Luckily she gets some help from her husband, and although there are trees in almost every room, there’s one zone that her hubby claims for his own. “He won’t let me in the basement,” Renetta says, adding, “It’s off limits.” We don’t blame the guy, even Santa has his limits!

Source: Fox News 5