Credit: MTV Photo: Leah Visits Amber in Rehab in Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 5

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood is clean and sober following a 17 month stint in jail, and she's finally ready to live life to the fullest...and free of drugs! Now that Amber has cleaned up her act, she's more than willing to open up about her addiction. This gal hit up Dr. Phil on December 20 to chat about her difficult past, and told fans that she spent her entire time in both rehab and drug court high on Fentanyl, a super-dangerous narcotic that's 100 times more potent than heroin.

"I was using a drug called Fentanyl," Amber explains to Dr. Phil in a clip from Friday's episode. "I'm not gonna give anybody any ideas, but let's just say it doesn't show up unless you send it to a lab. It's patches. It's really dangerous. I opened up the patch and I would eat the patch. It's like a three day patch, it's very dangerous. I was using that the whole time I was in there [rehab], with a friend, or whatever she was. While I was in drug court and on house arrest. Crazy."

Fentanyl has similar effects to heroin (with dramatic highs and lows), and is taken by cutting up pain reliever arm patches and eating them. It's amazing that Amber never suffered an overdose from taking Fentanyl, and she previously told Dr. Drew Pinsky that she would use the patches during drug screenings.

"I would go in the mornings to go pee to screen, and I would be chewing on a patch as I was screening," Amber told Dr. Drew. "That's when I knew I didn't give a s—."

We're so happy that Amber has gotten past her addiction, and is now 100 percent focused on being a mom!

Source: Today