Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: Ryan Edwards Holds Bentley on Teen Mom Season 2, Episode 4: "Spring Break"

The wonderful world of reality television was shocked when the much-loved head honcho of Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, made anti-gay comments during an interview with GQ, which prompted A&E to suspend him from the network.

Phil's suspension has raised lots of controversy, mostly from people who are outraged by his comments, which likened "homosexual behavior" to bestiality. However, some people seem upset that Phil was suspended from A&E (looking at you, Sarah Palin), and Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards took it to Twitter to voice his complaints.

Ryan said that he doesn't understand why the LGBT community gets so offended when people "say something about them," and added "Now they have ruined my favorite show."

It shouldn't be a surprise that Phil was suspended for his inflammatory musings. While he certainly has the right to free speech, A&E has the right to suspend him from the show for spouting intolerance.

Interestingly, Ryan wasn't the only Teen Mom baby daddy to have an opinion on this scandal. Teen Mom 3's Matt McCann came to A&E's defense, tweeting, "Seriously, he wasn't fired because of his views, he was fired because he broke his contract. Use some common sense people."

Let's remember that there isn't anything in the constitution about one's rights to reality stardom, people! Hopefully, Phil will filter himself next time.

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