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Any parent whose child has committed suicide lives with unimaginable pain. For one grieving mom, it took reaching out to strangers on Facebook to get a bit of relief, by asking them to scatter the ashes of her thrill-seeking son around the world.

As reported in the Independent, CJ Twomley was only 20 when he committed suicide. CJ had been honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy and was living at home, struggling to figure out his next steps. CJ’s mother, Hallie Twomley, said that she and her son had an argument about his lack of direction, and he stormed out of their home. Tragically, he then shot himself in his car, parked in the driveway.

Her son’s ashes sat on the mantel of the Tromley home for almost three years as the broken mom grieved, but upon receiving some encouragement from friends, she started a Facebook page called “Scattering CJ,” in which she asks people to take CJ’s ashes and scatter them around the world.

Hallie writes, “As his mom, I want nothing more than to turn back the clock and fix whatever led him to this decision … repair what was broken … give him the life he no longer has…grant him the gift of time that he’ll never know. “Scattering CJ” is my attempt to give my son SOMETHING.”

After reading Hallie’s plea, several hundreds of people have answered this mom’s request. The response has been overwhelming, and now pictures and videos show the epic journey of total strangers taking CJ’s ashes and scattering them at beaches, in forests, and off of mountainous cliffs.  

Hallie says she is both moved and grateful by all this generosity from strangers. She writes, “Please know that you are helping my very broken mom heart deal with the worst pain I have ever and will ever face.”

CJ’s ashes will be scattered at the summit of Mount Everest soon, something Hallie says he would have loved. If you’re interested in helping scatter ashes for CJ, you can sign up on the page.

Source: Independent