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What do you get when you put the two most hot-headed stars of MTV's Teen Mom in the same Twittersphere? DRAMA!

Credit: Twitter Photo: Jenelle Evans Spends Thanksgiving 2013 With Boyfriend Nathan and Son Jace

In case you missed it, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans and Teen Mom 3'Alexandria Sekella got into another epic feud over the weekend, this time about Jenelle's parenting skills. Alex and Jenelle's argument stemmed from Jenelle's Twitter-beef with Alex's co-star, Briana Dejesus, who spent the weekend throwing shade at Jenelle for writing Sulia articles about her.

We're not sure why Alex got involved in Jenelle and Briana's fight, but it looks like Alex wanted to defend her girl Bri. "You went after bri n nova those girls r like my family," Alex tweeted. "I have room to speak when you go at my family."

You might think Jenelle would look the other way, but nope! Girlfriend went on to say, "Think about yr own child and I'll worry about my own," to which Alex responded, "Someone needs to worry for ur kid obviously u werent thinking of them when you got arrested."

But that's not all! Alex also implied that Jenelle's attitude would cause complications in her pregnancy, and tweeted, "You know all this BS isnt good for your unborn child stress can cause a lot of problems."

Alex has a point, but there's no reason to bring Jenelle's kids into the drama! Do you think Alex took things too far, or do you understand where she's coming from? Hit the comments!