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Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her second child, which means it's more important than ever that this gal starts saving money. Much like her Teen Mom predecessor Farrah Abraham, Jenelle is somewhat of an entrepreneur, and this business-minded lady has been bringing home major bacon thanks to her stint as a news writer.

Jenelle's job consists of posting third party articles on Sulia along with a few musings of her own, and she gets paid every time someone clicks on the article in question. Naturally, this go-getter posts a lot of articles about her fellow Teen Mom 2 stars, including her ex-fiancé, Gary Head!

Jenelle recently mused about the fact that Gary's in major debt, writing, "My ex fiancé, Gary Head takes to twitter a lot to speak about his Rolex watch, or other possessions that he may obtain. Something isn't adding up though, because his ex girlfriend posted some shocking private messages, showing he owes her a TON of money!"

Not-so-surprisingly, Gary flew into an angry rage thanks to Jenelle's Sulia link, and he hit Twitter to send her a super-polite and completely not insane message.

"Stop trying 2 make nickels off me you dumb f—," Gary wrote to his ex-fiance. "Go write something about your bf that MTV paid for you to make u look good."

It's so nice to see that these two still keep in touch! Though we'd like to remind Gary that MTV most definitely didn't pay Jenelle's current boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, to date her. Let's not forget that this dude willingly fathered a child with Jenelle — they're most definitely in love!

Do you think Jenelle should stop writing about Gary, or is he fair game? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Source: Sulia