Credit: Instagram

In case you've been living under a rock with some Cheez-Its as your only friend (guilty!), Courtland Rogers has been released from jail. You know, Courtland Rogers? As in Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans's estranged husband? This heartbreaker was incarcerated after falling off the wagon and violating his probation, but he's once again a free man. Feel the rain on your skin (read: Confederate flag tattoo), Courtland!

Now that Courty is out of the slammer, we've been waiting for him and Jenelle to fall back into their usual pattern of Twitter feuding. Well, not this time! Despite the fact that these ex-lovebirds have a sordid history of addiction, abuse, and arrests, Courtland and Jenelle are on decent terms. In fact, Jenelley reached out to her husband and thanked him for staying above the drama!

"@est4life910 thanks for not involving yrself with internet BS and especially Gary," Jenelle tweeted to Courtland. "#MuchAppreciated."

How mature! And by the way, Gary Head is Jenelle's ex-fiance, who's on a perpetual mission to throw shade at her on the internet. It's no surprise that Gary is trying to get Courty in his corner, and we're relieved to know that Courtland is taking the high road and staying out of the drama! Honestly, this dude is way too busy tweeting things like "......Sail......" to have time for Gary or Jenelle.

Are you surprised that Jenelle reached out to Courtland on Twitter? She's maturing before our very eyes, y'all! Share your thoughts below.