Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley haven't exactly gotten along ever since that one awkward time that she choked him on national television, but these Teen Mom stars are making an effort for the sake of their daughter. Now that Amber has made her triumphant escape from jail following a 17 month incarceration, she's all about making up for lost time with Leah. The problem? Gary has full custody of this little lady thanks to Amber's iffy relationship with CPS.

Luckily, it looks like Gary is more than willing to share Leah with Amber, even if it means hanging out as one big happy family! You guessed it, Amber and everyone's favorite watermelon farmer (aka Gary) treated their daughter to a day of family fun by taking her to Disney on Ice! The three musketeers went to a local performance on January 25, and Gary even tweeted a picture of Amber cuddling Leah during the show.

"Disney on ice with Amber & @leah_leann doing it for Leah," he wrote. "Lol!"

Glad to see that Gary is still tagging the faux Twitter account he runs for Leah. And we're also glad to see that this lovable pops has put aside her personal problems with Amber for the sake of their sweet little girl. He could easily prevent Amber from seeing their daughter, but it looks like Gary has officially turned the other cheek!

Are you surprised that Amber, Gary and Leah are spending time together as a family? Who knows, maybe Ambs and Gary will reignite their love flame? Also, please forgive us for using the expression "reignite their love flame."