Credit: Instagram

It's time for a makeover, Teen Mom fans! Kailyn Lowry is undergoing some serious changes in her physical appearance, and we're not just talking about her shrinking post-baby belly. This blonde bombshell recently got her braces removed, and after snapping a few metal-free selfies, she hopped right back into the dentist's chair for surgery!

Credit: Kailyn Lowry on Instagram Photo: Kailyn Lowry Reveals New Smile After Dental Work

Apparently, Kailyn thinks her gums were overshadowing her teeth, so she had them cut back to reveal even more of her pearly whites. Shocking, we know, but this girl used to work at a dental office in Allentown, so you better believe that she knows what she's talking about when it comes to teeth.

In fact, Kailyn took it to Instagram to show fans a somewhat-graphic photo of her teeth before and after surgery. "Braces off & surgery done!" she posted. "So happy right now!!!"

Wow, we can't believe what a difference a simple gum-reduction makes! Kailyn's teeth look ahhhhmazing (albeit a little bloody), and she took it back to Instagram a few days later to show fans the final product.

"Rippin selfies with my new teef!" she posted along with yet another photo of her smile.

Beautiful! Kailyn's grin lights up the room, and we're blown away by how perfect her new and improved teeth are. Do you think this gal looked better before, or do her simple surgical enhancements make a world of difference? Hit the comments and dish your thoughts!