Credit: Twitter

The stars of MTV's Teen Mom 2 might not live in the same backwoods states as one another, but that doesn't mean these ladies aren't BFFs off camera. Thanks to the therapeutic hang session that is Teen Mom 2's reunion special with Dr. Drew, the stars of this hit reality show get together at least once a year for a bonding session, and you better believe they've become fast friends. In fact, even the show's baby daddies can't get enough of each other!

Credit: Twitter

Take Leah Messer's ex-husband, Corey Simms, and Chelsea Houska's ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind. Apparently, these hunks forged a friendship due to their shared interests in questionable tattoos and terrifying facial hair, and now they're total bros! And even more exciting? Corey and Adam's respective lady friends, Miranda and Taylor, are also besties, and the fab four are thinking of getting together for an off-camera hang out.

"Miranda and I were talking," Taylor tweeted to Corey. "Adam and I might just have to make a trip there."

In case you aren't aware, "there" = West Virginia, which is a pretty long ways away from Sioux Falls. But still, Corey seems down with the idea, and responded to Taylor with a simple "sounds good." Sigh, a many of many words.

We're thinking this foursome will have a great time trolling around West Virginia, but will Taylor and Adam pay a visit to Leah and her husband, Jeremy? Probably not, considering that Leah and Chelsea are fast friends, and Chelsea and Adam are sworn enemies.