Credit: Instagram Photo: Kailyn Lowry and Her Son Isaac

Kailyn Lowry might just be the most progressive Teen Mom star on MTV, and we're constantly impressed by her open-minded parenting decisions. This week in Reasons We Love Kailyn, our favorite reality star explained her decision to let her son, Isaac, play with princess toys. After all, many parents would only provide their male child with "boy toys" due to the unfounded fear that playing with "girl toys" will somehow make them feminine.

When a fan reached out to Kailyn and said as much, girlfriend tweeted "[Isaac's] 4 and that's crazy. I let his imagination run free. I'll love him no matter what he turns out to be."

Flawless answer!

Kailyn's decision to let Isaac play with "girl toys" and "boy toys" will only help foster creativity — plus, who's to say that little boys don't enjoy playing with princess toys just as much as little girls? We think this Teen Mom star is setting a great example to other young moms, and we love that she's going to support Isaac no matter what his interests are later in life. Maybe this little dude will turn out to be a construction worker, or maybe he'll turn out to be a ballet dancer. Whatever floats his boat, y'all!

Do you agree with Kailyn's decision, or do you think Isaac should be playing with planes, trains, and automobiles? Hit the comments.