Teen Mom's Amber Portwood was released from jail back in November 2013 after serving a whopping 17 months of her five-year prison sentence, and we're so happy she's a free woman! Life behind bars was hard for Amber, but she made the most out of the experience, sobered up, and even got her GED. That being said, Amber wasn't able to work on her parenting skills, largely because she hardly ever got to see her daughter, Leah.

This little lady lives with her father, Gary Shirley (who has full custody), and Amber was disappointed that Gary only brought Leah to visit a handful of times. Turns out Leah only saw her mom three times in 17 months, which Amber was less than thrilled about.

So, what does Gary have to say about the situation? Ironically, this dude had to defend himself to fans who thought he shouldn't have even told Leah that Amber was in prison, let alone taken her for visits. "Amber was to be in prison for 5 years so you mean I shouldn't of taken Leah to see her mom at all?" Gary tweeted in disbelief, adding, "If Leah wouldn't of known where her mom was she would of felt abandoned and when I took Leah to visit she knew anyways."

Leah's definitely a bit young to understand the concept of jail, but honesty is the best policy when it comes to parenting. Leah would only grow resentful of both of her parents if she was lied to, and this sweetheart got a chance to see her mommy because Gary chose to be forthcoming!

Plus, Gary says it would have been impossible to lie to Leah — even if he had wanted to.

"Not all but some are just plain idiots!" he tweeted. "If u think it's possible to lie about why mommy isn't around for a year and a half!"

Do you agree with Gary's decision to tell Leah the truth? And are you surprised he only took this gal to see her mom three times in the space of a year and a half? Hit the comments and let us know.