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Fans finally learned the details of Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera's custody schedule during this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, where Kailyn and her sexy exy went to court and battled it out for time with their son, Isaac. As of now, Kailyn has Isaac all to herself two weeks of the month, while Jo takes their little man Wednesday–Sunday/Tuesday–Sunday the other two weeks. That's nine nights per month, which seems pretty reasonable to us.

The problem? Isaac's current schedule has him missing a pretty large amount of preschool. While Kailyn and Jo have agreed to disagree about how much time their kiddo should be spending in school, they won't have much of a choice once Isaac's ready for kindergarten. This little dude won't be able to ditch class and visit his dad every other week, that's for sure!

Luckily, Jo is well aware that his son's education comes first and has agreed to reduce his time with Isaac when he's ready for school.

"I have both my kids and when Isaac starts kindergarten Isaac will go there [to Jo's house] every other weekend," Kailyn explained to a curious fan.

Hopefully, this new arrangement won't become an issue in court, but as of now it seems like Jo and Kailyn are getting along better than ever — Kailyn's entire family even visited Jo and his girlfriend, Vee Torres, at their home in New Jersey!

Do you think Jo will accept the fact that Isaac has to spend less time with him once he reaches kindergarten, or will he put up a fight? Weigh in below.