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The time has come to form a prayer circle for Leah Messer's husband Jeremy Calvert. This season on Teen Mom 2, West Virginia's most beloved professional pipeliner fainted on the job after running up and down a bunch of hills (as you do), and he was forced to take a leave of absence as a result! Fortunately, his medical tests came back squeaky clean, with doctors concluding that his headaches and fainting spells were triggered by stress.

When Wetpaint teamed up with Viggle last night, it was clear that the majority of Viggle LIVE! users have been paying close attention to Season 5 of Teen Mom 2. A solid 83 percent knew that Jeremy returned home to deal with his mysterious medical issue, while 9 percent thought that Leah demanded he take some time off and only 7 percent attributed his layoff to poor performance at work.

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The good news is that Jeremy's feeling a lot better and seems to be tackling his stress issues head on. Leah recently took to Twitter to update fans about Jeremy's health, writing "[Jeremy] is fine and still as sassy as me lol."

Thank goodness! Now that Jeremy's back on his feet, he can starting running up and down those pesky hills again.

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