Talk about irony. After struggling to get pregnant for years, a couple in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were beginning to think that they just might never have kids. Little did they know that they’d soon be welcoming five children in under a year. Whoa, mama!

After wrestling with infertility for some time, Sarah and Andy Justice decided to adopt triplet infants, and had just brought their bundles of joy home when Sarah found out she was pregnant, with twins!

During an interview with the whole family, Sarah explained to TODAY, “I was shocked and a bit overwhelmed because I got to thinking, added it up and I’m like, wow, if they go to term we’re about five babies in eight months. But we were really excited because it was something we’ve been dreaming of and longing for for years.”

Triplets Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth are nine months old. Twins Abigail and Andrew are eight weeks old. Andy said that he struggles with logistics, such as getting a vehicle large enough to transport all the babies. Let’s hope they have enough diapers, too.

As the anchors worked to hold all of the babies during the interview, Savannah Guthrie joked, “We’re going to need a bigger couch.”

Sarah and Andy admit that they’ve definitely undergone a crash course in parenting. Andy said that they get about three hours of sleep a night, and acknowledged that the family is blessed to have tons of help from family, friends, and their church. It really does take a village...

Sarah told TODAY that while this process has been exhausting and overwhelming, it’s their dream come true. Aww! We say if the Justice’s are up for it, the more, the merrier. Congratulations to the happy family. Now start saving for college immediately!

Source: TODAY