You know what Javi Marroquin's body is missing? A giant back tattoo. Sure, this Teen Mom 2 baby daddy is already covered in ink, but life just isn't worth living unless your entire back is smothered in decorative body art, right guys?

Luckily, Javi recently came to his senses and had his back-tat plotted out by the folks at Sick Ink Studios, and we basically have no words. Please feast your eyes on this sketch of Javi's forthcoming ink and try not to go blind from over-stimulation. Ready to discuss? Ok!

It seems as though what we have here is an other-worldly landscape of some weird alien planet, featuring some moons, saturn, a weird dead tree, and some mossy vines. In a word: amazing. Oh, and it goes without saying that Javi's tattoo has a special meaning to him — specifically when it comes to his family with Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry.

"There's more to life I still have yet to discover, exploring with my family," he explained via Instagram. "Just some lines to get the idea out there!"

Look, this tattoo will never be as cool as Javi's robotic biomechanical arm, but hey. It ain't half bad. And sure, the design would be a thousand times better if it somehow incorporated a full-size portrait of Javi's baby, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin, but there's always time to add him in — possibly flying around in a UFO.

What do you think of Javi's back design? Love it or leave it?

Source: Instagram