Credit: Electrik Beach on Facebook

Move over Tan Mom, because 16 and Pregnant's Nikkole Paulun might be even more dedicated to spraying mysterious orange liquid all over her skin than you are. This former reality starlet has been making headlines since her stint on MTV's acclaimed docu-drama, but the latest might just take the cake. 

Credit: Nikkole Paulun on Twitter

You guessed it (actually, no you didn't), Nikkole just inked her body with the logo of a local tanning salon so she could get free tans for the rest of her life. What a great and totally not insane decision!

Apparently, Nikkole is a die-hard tanner, so she jumped at the opportunity to get the name of Electrik Beach tanning salon in Monroe, Michigan, inked on her upper thigh. Apparently, the salon was offering free tattoos to anyone who wanted one, and The Ashley's Reality Roundup pointed out that the tanning salon’s Facebook Page shows a huge group of men and women getting their permanent ticket to free tanning.

So, what does Nikkole have to say for herself?  "Free tattoo got me free tanning for life. No shame," she tweeted along with a picture of her ink. Meanwhile, Nikkole also told Starcasm that "You can’t see it unless I’m in undies. It’s only 2 x 2 inches.” Sounds like this girl has no regrets!

Do you think her tattoo was a good idea, or does this go down as one of the worst tattoos in the history of 16 and Pregnant? Take it to the comments with your musings.

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