Credit: Instagram

The time has come to boldly go where many ladies have gone our favorite House of Hotness — aka Adam Lind's shirtless body. This Teen Mom 2 dad is notorious for getting into car accidents with old folks, driving drunk, and being a heartbreaker, but there's so much more to Adam than his arrest record. And yes, we're talking about his abs.

Credit: Adam Lind on Instagram

Back in ye olden days of Teen Mom 2, Adam was super skinny and spent most of his time ruining our lives with his facial hair and driving around on a four wheeler. My, my, how times have changed. Nowadays, Adam's facial hair is still super questionable and he still has iffy taste in motorized vehicles — but he's also super buff!

Adam's Instagram feed is basically a shrine to his shirtless self, and he recently took to the internets to show off his new and improved abs. Sure, it's hard to see anything aside from Adam's beautiful array of skull tattoos, but if you can manage to avert your eyes, you'll notice that he's totally built. Look at his neck and shoulder muscles, guys! They're like a mountain range.

Now that we've seen how sculpted Adam is, it's no wonder that his fleet of baby mamas can't keep their hands off him. Teen Mom 2'Chelsea Houska is famous for finding Adam irresistible (though she claims they're officially over), and his current girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, can't get enough of him!

What do you think of Adam's shirtless selfie? Totally hot, or do you prefer this dude with slightly less muscle mass? Let us know below! Also, this is a safe space where terrible tattoos are not to be judged.