Credit: Amber Portwood on Twitter

Amber Portwood and her ex-lover, Gary Shirley (aka our favorite watermelon farmer) sure have amazing genes. These beautiful creatures met and fell in love at the tender age of sixteen, and after a few unfortunate dermal piercings, they welcomed their daughter, Leah Shirley, into the world! Bless her sweet, misunderstood, backwoods heart.

Credit: Amber Portwood on Twitter

Leah seems to have inherited the best features of both Amber and Gary, and she is absolutely adorable. No, seriously, she might be the most beautiful child to grace Teen Mom Town with her presence — her hair is basically like a cascading waterfall of silk!

This kiddo is getting cuter and cuter by the moment, but let's take a trip back to Leah's formative years as a toddler. You know, before her mom was shacked up in jail and started pouring liquid Jolly Ranchers into her hair with her alleged BFF, Sugarfoot.

Check out this Throwback Thursday photo of Leah that Amber posted to Twitter. "My beautiful baby...throwback my booboo," she wrote. One word: CUTENESS. We seriously cannot handle Leah's sweet little face in this snapshot. She looks just like Gary (minus the baseball hat and chintee), and her pout is to-die-for!

Can you believe how much little Leah has changed over the years? Hit the comments and tell us if you think she looks more like her mom or pop!