Credit: Katie Yeager on Instagram

Teen Mom 3’s Katie Yeager may have gotten her start on MTV's 16 and Pregnant, but home girl isn't a sweet six-teenager anymore. She's twenty-freakin'-one y'all, which means there's only one more year until she can start singing the lyrics to Taylor Swift's “22.” So blessed!

Now that Katie can drink legally, you better believe she's ready to celebrate. This gal took to the mean streets of Wyoming on June 14 to turn-up with her friends, and it looks like things got pretty wild.

By which we mean Katie guzzled up some giant boat masquerading as a cocktail — though she had some trouble picking out her first drink. "About to go have my first legal drink," Katie tweeted, adding "For real I don't even know what to get....."

Looks like Katie decided to go with something fruity (and enormous), but whatever! Girlfriend definitely deserves to have fun while taking a break from mommy duty, and we have to say — her filled-in birthday eyebrows were on point.

Of course, it's possible that Katie partied a little too hard, considering that her post-birthday tweet said, "I'm so glad I only turn 21 once…."

Happy 21st, Katie!