Credit: Ryan Edwards on Twitter

Ryan Edwards is officially bringing home the bacon as a lineman (apparently he scampers up telephone poles for a living?), and the time has come for him to splurge.

Credit: Ryan Edwards on Twitter

As anyone who watches Teen Mom knows, Ryan loves himself a dirt bike (not to mention a motorized lawn mower), and now this dude is taking his need for speed to the next level with a motorcycle!

Yep, it appears as though Ryan has purchased a bike — and not just any bike. A BMW RR, which costs a cool  $13,950.00. Yikes! Ryan shared a picture of his new ride on Twitter with the caption, "Going with this girl right here," and we have to say...we're impressed.

That being said, we know approximately nothing about bikes, so we'd probably be impressed by a small motorized tricycle. Also, who needs a girlfriend when you have a motorcycle, right guys?

All we're saying is that Shelby Woods better watch her back, because Ryan has a new main squeeze. And for those of you who are worried about this dude speeding around the backwoods of Tennessee, fear not.

Ryan's number one priority is his son, Bentley, so we're sure he'll be super safe and wear a helmet at all times! Or he'll pull an Adam Lind and drive without insurance or a license....either way.

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