Credit: Taylor Halbur on Instagram

Word on the street is that Adam Lind and his terrible facial hair have moved on to a new gal pal, leaving Taylor Halbur all on her lonesome. Taylor and Adam have an adorable baby daughter (who it appears as though Adam sees during the weekend), and we can't imagine how hard it is for Tay to raise this little lady on her own.

Credit: Taylor Halbur on Instagram

Luckily, Taylor is stronger than yesterday (much like Britney Spears), and actually finds her strength in sweet baby Paislee. Sure, Taylor has a lot on her plate, but thanks to her daughter’s cute grin, she's perfectly happy living the single life.

"My everything. My world," Taylor posted to Instagram along with a photo of herself and Paislee cuddling up a storm. "This tiny human holds my entire world together. Without her I'd be lost. But because of her I am strong. Her love is my greatest strength."

Tear! We're sure every parent feels the exact same way, but Taylor's emotional shout-out to Paislee is especially moving considering everything that she's been through with Adam.

Hopefully, Tay will continue to find strength in her relationship with Paislee, and who knows? Maybe she'll even get a chance to bond with Chelsea Houska about their mutual hatred for Adam!