Credit: Taylor Halbur on Twitter

Word on the street is that Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind has a new lady on his arm, and we're not talking about a tattoo of yet another skeleton corpse. This dude has moved on from his baby mama, Taylor Halbur, just months after welcoming a baby daughter into the world.

Credit: Taylor Halbur on Twitter

But if you're worried about how Taylor's taking the news, don't bother. Girlfriend is living the fab life with Baby Paislee, and she doesn't need any scrubs or bugaboos up in her zone.

If anything, Taylor seems more confident and care-free now that she and Adam are officially over. She recently took to Twitter to show her ex-boyfriend exactly what he's missing — aka her amazing body.

Check out this recent picture of Taylor rocking a bikini. We know, we know, it's hard to concentrate on anything except for how completely cute Paislee's smile is (our ovaries), but Taylor looks pretty great — especially considering that she gave birth just nine months ago!

No word yet as to whether or not Taylor has a new guy of her own, but we're thinking she's probably enjoying life as a single lady. Beyoncé taught her well.

Are you impressed by Taylor's insanely toned post-baby body? We don't know how these Teen Mom ladies do it, but their bodies are a John Mayer-style wonderland.