Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images/ Catelynn Lowell on Instagram

Time to check in on beatific backdoor beauty / creator of Passy Perfume / future Pulitzer Prize winner, Farrah Abraham. This burgeoning porn star might not be included in Teen Mom's rumored fifth season thanks to that one time she filmed a sex tape with James Deen, but she's been making plenty of headlines due to an ongoing feud with her co-stars, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.

Long story short, Farrah made a few comments about how Catelynn and Tyler aren't ready for a baby, they shot back with a few comments about how she's a porn star, and several hilarious backdoor jokes followed.

So, how does Farrah feel about the whole situation? This living legend spoke to about her beef with Cate and Ty, saying, “I don’t pay attention. I’ve just moved on in my life. Maybe they should [too].”

Hm, Farrah obviously does pay attention considering that she's been in an ongoing Twitter war with Cate and Ty, but she insists that a tweet she posted on July 18 (“Over #TeenMomDrama . . . Glad I moved on #DoorSlammed wish those #StillTeens all the best when your [sic] not a Teen #QuitPlayin.”) wasn't about them.

“I wasn’t even directing it towards them,” she tells Radar. “I guess this is just a cry for them needing attention and wishing that they had a life or something. Look, I’m just over reality stars and I’m over other celebrities doing stupid things when things are not really directed at them.”

Something tells us that Catelynn and Tyler aren't about to let Farrah have the last word (as unintelligible as said word may be).

Check back with Wetpaint Entertainment for their response to Farrah's accusation!