Credit: Ryan Edwards on Instagram

Everyone's favorite Teen Mom mega-hunk, Ryan Edwards, has been dating his girlfriend, Shelby Woods, for about a year, and these two are more in love than ever. We got a chance to see Ryan and Shelby's sweet relationship during MTV's Being Teen Dad, and they definitely looked happy.

But let's be real, this is Ryan Edwards we're talking about. Dude doesn't exactly have a great reputation when it comes to staying faithful, and he and Shelby have already broken up once thanks to his wandering eye.

So, are these two still lucky in love? You bet! Despite cheating on Shelby back in February, Ryan and his gal pal are going strong, and this dude even posted a photo of himself and his leading lady on Instagram. "I would hit it just saying! O wait it's mine sorry guys,” Ryan wrote.

Sigh, such a gentleman. Ryan and Shelby definitely seem like a cute couple (and Shelby gets along with Ryan's baby mamaMaci Bookout — score!) so we'll hopefully see more of their relationship during MTV's rumored re-boot of Teen Mom.

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