Credit: Facebook

Please clutch your rosaries and pray to Saint Farrah Abraham, because Gary Shirley is getting rid of his world-famous Dodge Charger and we need to pour some gasoline out for our fallen homie ASAP.

This car has been with Gary through thick and thin, but he took to the internets on July 2 to bid adieu-adieu-adieu. "About to part ways with my 'charger'" he tweeted along with a photo of his sweet ride. No word as to why Gary's ditching his car, but we assume that he's either scored himself an even cooler ride, or he's in desperate need of money.

Credit: Gary Shirley on Twitter

To be honest, we're not quite sure what Gary's job is now that his line of "It's Gary Time" t-shirts is defunct, although he probably brings home plenty of bacon selling cakes, pies, and brownies at his local farmer's market. Plus, let's not forget that he's a watermelon farmer, so...

Are you surprised that Gary's selling one of his most prized possessions? His fan base certainly is! Gary's had responses ranging from despair to anguish, and our favorites include, "No! That's where, 'It's Gary time' all started," and "Nnnnnnnnoooooooooooo!!!! That's one badd car."

Sigh, we'll miss you old friend.