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Looks like things are heating up in Ryan Edwards' dating life, y'all –– and we're not talking about the love affair he's having with his dirt bike. Turns out this Teen Mom mega-hunk is taking the next step in his relationship with Shelby Woods, who Ryan's head-over-chucks in love with and has been dating for over a year. You guessed it: These crazy kids are moving in together!

"I just remembered that when ingest [sic] back ryan will have the keys to our new apartment!!!!!" Shelby tweeted on July 11, which Ryan re-tweeted.

Fans of Teen Mom will remember meeting Shelby during MTV's one-off special Teen Dad, where Ryan mused about his love for the leading lady in his life. In fact, Ryan even revealed that Shelby gets along with his baby mama, Maci Bookout! "They ain't like best friends or anything, or hang out, but when we're together, all of us are together, there's no tension," he said. "They get along good, it makes it easier for me, too."

Unfortunately, Shelby and Ryan hit a rough patch in their relationship a few months back when Ryan was caught cheating, but it looks like it's water under the bridge. Also, we're so happy Ryan is finally moving out of his family home. It only took him 26 years, but he did it.

Do you think this happy couple are made to last? Head to the comments and tell us if Shelby is the right lady for this dashing gent!

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