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A teacher in Jacksonville, Florida has been suspended for taking a middle school soccer celebration a little bit too far. Her crime? Twerking with students.

Action News 47 WTEV reports that Courtney Spruill — the PE/Health teacher and coach of the soccer team at Kernan Middle School — was suspended without pay on July 1. The Duval County School Board recently discovered that she allegedly danced with students in an inappropriate manner during a team soccer party.

Not only was Courtney accused of twerking with male students, but based on cell phone footage, the coach allegedly received a lap dance from one of the players.

The party took place at the home of one of the player’s parent’s back in May. The alleged transgressions surfaced when a student came forward to say that Courtney was drinking alcohol and dancing suggestively with male players.

Yet, according to the parent who owned the home, Courtney brought vodka to the party as a gift to the parents, but only drank soda on the premise.

Regardless, documents from the school’s investigation states that Courtney showed “the gross exercise of poor judgement.”

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Source: Action News 47 WTEV