Amber Portwood might be living the fab life in Indiana, but let's not forget that this gal was a jailbird less than a year ago.

Amber was incarcerated for opting out of her drug court program, and spent her time in the slammer sobering up, doing community service, and living the real life version of Orange Is the New Black. Basically, she's seen it all. Or she had, until she joined social media.

One of the first things Amber did upon being released from jail was create a Twitter account, and while the vast majority of her followers are super supportive, she definitely has her fair share of haters. Naysayers are always a bummer, but luckily Amber has plenty of practice dealing with people who want to harsh her buzz.

"Just a quick reminder if you have any hate..I don't care," she tweeted on June 19. "If you think your comments hurt me after 17 months in prison your [sic] ignorant. Love."

Twitter trolls certainly don't hold a candle to Amber's experiences in jail, but haters can definitely wear a reality star out (just askĀ Jenelle Evans), so hopefully Ambs will continue to grow thick skin.

This fabulous bombshell needs to surround herself with positivity to help her sobriety, and Twitter isn't exactly filled with sunshine and rainbows...

Do you think social media is bad for Amber's recovery? Let us know below!