Credit: Amber Portwood on Twitter

Amber Portwood spent 17 months of her life in prison, where she lived off cafeteria food, melted Jolly Ranchers, and whatever snacks her alleged BFF Sugarfoot gifted her. And while this gal looked flawless when she broke out of the slammer back in November 2013, she definitely gained some weight.

Credit: Amber Portwood on Twitter

Amber started losing her prison pounds almost immediately upon being released from jail, and Star Magazine even reported that she was using diet pills to drop the weight. While this seems unlikely given Amber's history of addiction, she's definitely lost a lot in the past few months, and recently posted a photo of her slim figure on Twitter.

"Hope everyone's having an amazing day..." Amber mused along with the sexy selfie. "Picking my booboo up soon..happy :) sending love always."

Everyone knows bird's eye views are the most flattering selfie angle (duh!), but there's no denying that Amber looks amazing. The men-folk of Indiana just aren't safe!

Are you impressed by this reality star's weight loss? We can't wait to see Ambs strut her stuff when Teen Mom makes its rumored return from cancellation!